“I’m extremely annoyed with a certain Mr. Weiner”

“I’m extremely annoyed with a certain Mr. Weiner”

A note  

by: Eric Jones

As a lefty, liberal person approaching my mid 30’s, I’m extremely annoyed with Anthony Weiner. When a republican does this kind of thing, whether it’s Larry Craig playing footsie in an airport bathroom, Joe Miller comparing Lincoln and Hitler or Sarah Palin doing, well, doing everything she does, I’m not surprised because I automatically assume they are lying hypocrites. When I line up politically and socially with one of these fools, I get irritated. Somehow, my beliefs and sense of right and wrong feel cheapened by association.

I’m not naive enough to think these guys are all going to be saints, don’t get me wrong. I’m old enough to be fully aware of the Clinton scandal and have read enough about the Kennedy clan to understand that people in positions of power rarely have scruples or integrity.

We live in an era of intense media scrutiny where news is instantaneous and nothing, NOTHING, flies under the radar. My five-year old nephew can use a smart phone camera as well as I can. To not understand that when one is in a position of power, every thing one might do is fair game and might end up on tv is unbelievably stupid.

The next time I hear how smart some of these politicians are and how they graduated top of their class, yada yada  yada, show me where they passed the “not sending pictures of your penis on the Internet” class and I might be inclined to believe it. At least Larry Craig has an excuse. He’s too old to know what twitter is.

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One Response to “I’m extremely annoyed with a certain Mr. Weiner”

  1. John Staley says:

    Right? It’s embarrassing. Either that or I am missing out on a whole new way off wooing women. I really need to get an i phone. This Cricket is killing me. —John Staley

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