We Heart the Lyon

Jeff Lynott

E: fosterpowellpdx@gmail.com


We are so thankful to take a peak inside the man behind FoPo. Jeff has done a wonderful job advocating for our little community and the creation of it. Cheers to the Lyon. To read more about Jeff click here.

Who are you?

Jeff.  Neighborhood advocate and resident hype man.  I live in and write about the little triangle we call FoPo.

What do you do?

I’m a social worker by profession, and that’s how I pay the bills (barely).  Beyond that, however, I like to write, garden, and wonder aimlessly through Foster Powell, with an occasional stop for coffee at one of our fine coffee shops.  I also obsess about the San Francisco Giants during baseball season, and try to be a good husband the rest of the time.

What is your inspiration? (Why do you do what you do?)

I’m inspired by people who live according to their values, as well as those who seek the truth and speak honestly.  I’m also inspired by the natural world and, oddly, the chaos of the urban environment…hence my affinity for Foster Powell.

What brought you and/or your business to the Foster-Powell Community?

Honestly, I couldn’t afford to live anywhere else.  Prior to that, however, I knew Foster Powell as a neighborhood with diversity, honest, working class edge, and a growing community of families and people committed to making this place as rad as rad can be.
What is your favorite way to enjoy Foster?

That’s tough.  If we’re talking just Foster, I’d say sitting at Guapo with a coffee and newspaper, alternating between reading and people watching.  Brunch at Bar Carlo is a close second.  If it’s the neighborhood as a whole we’re talking about, I enjoy being in my front yard getting to know my neighbors.

3 Ways to unite the Fine Folks of Foster

1. Neighborhood events (i.e. National Night Out and Fun on Foster…but more)

2. Promote pride of place (i.e. foster an identity; FoPo street banners; celebrate, be inclusive of, and promote our diversity; plant street trees along Foster)

3. Promote the arts and creative energy flowing through the hood (i.e. open an art studio; more murals and street art; live music)

How do you envision the future of Foster?

Hip, but edgy.  A mixture of young and old, renter and homeowner, and all colors of the rainbow.  Sustainable and thriving.  Nice gardens.  Walkable.

Some top fives to appease the list lovers

Your Top 5 Songs to get you through a life?

1. The Cure- Love Cats

2. Joe Cuba- El Pito (I’ll Never Go Back to Georgia)

3. The Specials- Ghost Town

4. Violent Femmes- Blister in the Sun

5. Talib Qweli- Get By
Your Top 5 Haunts in Portland

1. The Steel Bridge at sunset with a 40

2. Guapo Comics and Coffee

3. Jamison Square

4. Sellwood Dog Park

5. Bar Carlo (brunch) or Ping (happy hour/dinner)

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